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DART Drug Busts & Pictures

The Drug Abuse Reduction Task Force (DART) has embedded itself within each member agency’s jurisdictions as their drug enforcement specialists. DART provides drug enforcement, drug training, drug prevention and awareness to nineteen jurisdictions throughout Hamilton County.  DART has established excellent working relationships with all local, state and federal agencies within the State of Ohio and these relationships have extended into states which having common borders with the State of Ohio.  DART has demonstrated and continues to work in collaboration and partnership with all agencies in an effort to combat the growing drug problems and issues through investigations, arrest and adjudication of offenders and through actively participating in education and prevention talks, seminars and programs.

Operation “Artic Ice”

Concluded November 2015


A three year drug investigation has concluded with the federal indictment of sixteen adults on felony drug trafficking of crystal methamphetamine (ICE) and the arrest of fifteen adults on 22 counts of state charges of felony drug trafficking and drug possession.


This investigation began in April of 2012 by the Drug Abuse Reduction Task Force.  It quickly developed into a multi-state drug trafficking case involving kilos of crystal methamphetamine (ICE) being transported to Harrison monthly and distributed to a network of 2 dozen dealers for sale.  This investigation spanned seven states (Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio, Tennessee and Texas) to include a border nexus to Mexico.  Conspirators in this drug trafficking investigation included a prison gang in Georgia, an outlaw motorcycle club and local Harrison residents. 


In 2014 this investigation was adopted by the OCDETF Program for continued investigation and federal prosecution. This investigation was possible due to the collaboration and working relationships with the following agencies; Harrison Police, Springfield Township Police, Hamilton Police (Butler County), Dearborn County Indiana Drug Task Force, Butler County Drug Task Force, Warren County Drug Task Force, Dayton Police Department (Montgomery County), Indiana State Police, Indianapolis Police, Gwenette County Sheriff’s Department (Georgia), Homeland Security Cincinnati, Homeland Security Georgia and DEA Atlanta.


In 2015 the Hamilton County Police Association SWAT Team and the Indiana State Police SWAT Team in conjunction with federal agents and Drug Task Force Agents served multiple narcotics search warrants and felony arrest warrants in Harrison and West Harrison, Indiana. The cooperation between federal, state and local law enforcement agencies and task forces was the key to the success of this protracted investigation.

Operation “Training Day”

Concluded May 2016

DART Agents in cooperation of Cincinnati Mid-Level and the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) Cincinnati concluded an investigation (Operation Training Day) which started in early October 2015.  During this investigation, Agents were able to secure a Federal Title III court order to assist in the investigation.  In May, after monitoring the Title III wire for sixty days, Agents concluded the investigation with the service of five Federal search warrants, numerous “Knock & Talks”, the arrest of six adult offenders on multiply felony 1 charges, seizing four hundred and eighty grams of HEROIN, $35,000 in miscellaneous property and $248,906 dollars in U.S. currency.

Cooperation between States

Concluded April 2016


In March 2016, the Hamilton County Drug Abuse Resistance Team (DART) initiated an investigation of a marijuana distributor selling multi-pound quantities in the Tri-State area.  DART Investigators identified Delroy Lecky, residing at 215 W. 15th Street in Covington, Kentucky as the primary target of the investigation and Northern Kentucky Drug Strike Force joined in the investigation.


On April 5th, 2016, as a result of the joint investigation Mr. Lecky was stopped by Newtown Police Department, Hamilton County, Ohio after leaving his residence in Covington.  He was found in possession of approximately six (6) pounds of marijuana.  Mr. Lecky was charged with felony Trafficking and Possession of Marijuana and is in Hamilton County Justice Center on the charges.


Agents obtained a search warrant for 215 W. 15th Street Covington, Kentucky.  The Drug Abuse Reduction Task Force and Strike Force Agents with the assistance of Covington Police Department Officers executed the warrant.  Agents recovered over 73 pounds of marijuana and other evidence of ongoing marijuana distribution, from Mr. Lecky’s residence.  Mr. Lecky was also awaiting felony drug offense charges in Kenton County, Kentucky.

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